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A wonderful moment in entrepreneurship is building a new warehouse, called the "green-field". But where do you start and how is the collaboration with the architect structured?
The easiest way is to let the architect make all the decisions, but then you are the proud owner of a default warehouse. What if we could already work together with the architect in an early stage and design the warehouse in such a way that it fully connects with the operational needs and specifications?

This path has been walked quite a few times by myself, including managing the entire project to build a new warehouse and furnish and equip it with the expected installations and appliances. Including Facility, ICT and Security equipment as well as additional technical installations.

When a new existing warehouse is taken into operation (brown-field) there are still various aspects where the operation can equip the building to host an efficient and cost effective operation.

Whether it is a new construction, using an existing warehouse or a full redesign. Ser-Pro can achieve this on your behalf or provide the necessary support during the project where needed with the comprehensive knowhow in this field.