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TAPA stands for Transport Asset Protection Association, a globally recognized standardization for the security level of the entire supply chain.

For logistics service providers that deal with the secure storage and processing of goods the FSR (Freight Security Requirements) program is applicable. For the carriers that have secure road transport the TSR (Transport Security Requirements) is applicable. In addition, there are also TAPA programs for air cargo (TACSS) and secure parking.

The extent to which the security has been arranged for building and premises (FSR program) is indicated by a letter where C is the lightest level and A the highest level is.

An organization that wants to be certified and meet the specific requirements will be annually audited by an external audit body that is accredited by the TAPA organization. Because a TAPA certification is for a specific building, the audit is also performed per building.

A TAPA certificate is valid for three years. Each year a self-assessment needs to be submitted to demonstrate that the requirements are still met. At the end of three years, a new certificate will be issued again after the successful completion of a renewed audit.

Ser-Pro can train and inform you about the TAPA certification requirements, also the guidance to the audit, support in the actual certification audit or interim self-assessments belongs to the possibilities.
Because it is important that security as a whole is secured within the organization, Ser-Pro will only offer support and guidance in the TAPA certification process but cannot do this on behalf of a company.

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