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Security Management

The demand for any form of security is increasing, ranging from a simple intrusion detection system or a fully operational security with one or more security guards and security systems.
Either way, in order to tailor the securityplan that fits within the requirements, expectations and needs a thought trough plan needs to be completed first. This security plan is however a snapshot and there will always needs to be room and possibilities for reduction or strengthening so that the plan can easily be adjusted to the changed needs or changed environment.

Aspects that each have their own input in the securityplan are the requirements of possible official security certificates that are applicable, specific customer requirements, or requirements that are imposed from the organization itself, the local risk assessment and finally cross-checked with the laws and regulations. All this combined together form the ingredients of a total security plan.

What shape or form of security is desired, a well balanced and though out plan will not only ensure the security level will meet the expectations today and in the future, but can also be budgeted in a good way.

Ser-Pro can not only help you with all the aspects that come with setting up a good Security Management, but also screen the existing security and make proposals to optimize and live up to the expectations.

Security program

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