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Company Emergency Plan (BRP / BCP)

Nobody is waiting for severe calamities where buildings or parts of the building can no longer be used. When such a situation does occur, it is vital that the response is quick and adequate to prevent consequential damage and loss of income as much as possible and start the operation as soon as possible.

In order to achieve this, it is vital to have a well thought out plan ready in advance. This plan is known as the Business Resumption Plan or the Business Contingency Plan.
It is important that all necessary information is enclosed in this plan and that the document is available in printed form to all members of the BRP/BCP team. Also a file server could be inaccessible as a result of the calamity and nothing is as frustrating as a well developed BRP/BCP no longer being available during an emergency.

Ser-Pro can develop the BRP/BCP plan for you or guide you in constructing the BRP/BCP.
Also the BRP/BCP team and central coordinator play a crucial position in this process.