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AEO is a security programs under the supervision of the national customs department. This is the European equivalent of the American C-TPAT (Customs-Trade Partnership Against Terrorism)

The security level can surely be compared with the TAPA requirements and is a uniform policy with aspects of TAPA and air freight Security combined. For the whole of Europe the same uniform requirements are applicable. There are no distinctive levels within AEO.

An organization that prospers an AEO certification will be audited by Customs itself. An AEO certification is valid for the entire organization, therefore all buildings will be assessed during the audit. The AEO audit by Customs should not be underestimated and this should be prepared for carefully.
An AEO certification is valid without a time limit. Periodically the organization is reviewed if it continues to be compliant, but here is no set deadline for the intermediate audits.

Ser-Pro can train and inform you about the AEO certification requirements, what the different steps in this process are, and what needs to be prepared. Because Customs will be looking at how the different aspects of security are secured within the organization, Ser-Pro will only offer support and guidance in the AEO certification process but cannot do this on behalf of a company.

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