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This space will not be an extensive narration of my work experiences, previously held functions or a personal resume of my past career. On my LinkedIn page you can find more information about my work experience and career. The intention of this page is to share more with you, the interested reader, about my goal and vision.

After having been employed for over 24 years for a number of organizations and successfully filled various senior management positions within production and logistics environments as Operational Management, Logistic Engineering Management, ICT, Security and Facilities, I now set myself a new goal to share my broad knowledge and experience, not with a single organization, but for all businesses. Initially within The Netherlands, but given my international experiences, requests outside of The Netherlands will also be considered.

During my career I frequently managed both short-term as well as long-term complex and multi-disciplinary projects financed from a limited budget, or where large to very large budgets and investments where involved.
Next to the importance to use the necessary substantiated knowledge and experience of the matter, the overall importance with managing or coaching changes and projects is that a project can only be successful when it is based on clear definitions and expectations with clarity of planning and adequate communication.

All too often there is extensive knowledge of the specific fields within a project or change plan, but this is to the expense of clear documentation and communication because one is either micro-managing and losing sight of the big picture, or falsely assumes all involved have all the same details available.
Even the best idea then has no chance to succeed.

Helicopter view is of great importance. Compare a project with a cyclist with his head between the handlebar in order to go as fast as possible, but does not pay attention to where he is going. Overview remains important, but one should never lose sight on the details.

As a self-employed entrepreneur I make my services available to advice, for guidance or total Project Management within the fields of Logistics, Production, Supply Chain and Security.
Given my operational experience and detailed knowledge in the aforementioned areas, it is also easy for me to be able to see the consistence and relevance between them and build bridges between the various disciplines. Interconnect on the details with the stakeholders in their own professional language and keep an eye on everyone's interests and together aim for successful achievements.

In addition to a solid project methodology it turns out the above approach pays of in practice and we have been able to celebrate many successes.

A short impression of what I can contribute to the various areas is described further in the website. Your feedback or questions about content will be highly appreciated.
For now I would like to thank you kindly for your visit and shown interest and can only hope you enjoy your stay on my website.

Maybe see you soon

Maurice van den Heuvel

Project Management

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